412 W 5th St. Newberg, OR


Air Conditioners

Downstairs is cooled and heated by a central system that is controlled from the family room.  The Secret Game Room does not have central heat, and the electric fireplace in that room can be used for ambiance or in heat mode.  There is a ceiling fan for hotter weather.

Please do not set the air conditioners below 66-68 degrees.

The rooms upstairs are serviced by mini-split units that are controlled by remote controls.  Please do not misplace the remotes, as it costs $150 to replace them.

Master Bath Tub:  For your comfort and safety, please exercise care when entering and exiting the tub. 

Gas, Water, Electric Shut Offs

Electric Breakers

The Breakers at Camellia are at the end of the kitchen underneath an Italian menu above the wine cabinet.


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