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412 W 5th St. Newberg, OR

House Rules

Good Neighbor Policy

The Camellia Farmhouse is located in an established neighborhood with many long-term residents.  We are good neighbors and ask our guests to respect our neighbors by:

Keeping occupancy at 10 guests or less.

Keeping noise at a minimum after 10:00 p.m.

Not blocking neighboring driveways.

Keeping pets quiet and contained, and crated when their humans are not in the house.

Thank you for helping us to be good neighbors.


We are pleased to welcome your well-behaved dog to Camellia Farmhouse, and appreciate your help in allowing us to continue to offer our home as a pet-friendly vacation rental.  Please observe the following guidelines with respect to your dog:

If you allow your dog on the furniture or the bed, please use one of the provided pet towels or a beach towel to keep fur off of the beds and furniture.   Please bring your pup’s bedding so they will have a familiar resting spot during your stay.

If your dog has an accident, please immediately clean it.  Please do not allow dogs to be unattended in the home, and shut bedroom doors when you are not present to keep your dogs from marking the area.  

Please patrol the grounds and pick up and bag all dog waste prior to your departure.  We check after each guest to keep the grounds clean. Please place waste in the trash-only garbage can outside.

If you bring your dog, please do not let them bark at neighbors or passers-by.  We are good neighbors and need your help to keep Camellia Farmhouse a pet friendly vacation spot.  

Please do not leave your dog unattended in the house unless they are crated.  Unattended dogs have caused damage to the house and further incidents may cause us to revisit our pet policy, which we hope not to have to do.  Many otherwise well-behaved dogs suffer from separation anxiety when left alone in a strange setting, and may chew or be destructive as a result.  If you must leave your dog for a short period of time, they must be crated.  We have provided an extra-large dog crate for your convenience.  

We regret that cats are not allowed at Camellia Farmhouse due to some guests who have severe cat allergies.


There is a Children’s park a few blocks down the street to the right.  There are multiple good restaurants, shops, pubs and tasting rooms a one-minute drive or a 10 minute walk from the house.

Additional Rules

Supplies:  There are paper towels, luxury toiletries and toilet paper to get you started.  Clean towels are located in all bathrooms.

Robes:  10 custom spa robes have been provided for your comfort while in residence.  Please wash any worn robes with towels on departure. 

Candles:  All of the candles at Camellia are LED battery operated candles.  If the candle does not come on, the batteries may be dead.  There are usually AA and AAA batteries in the drawers in the kitchen.

Please do not burn any real candles in Camellia Farmhouse.

Decor:  Please do not move or rearrange furniture or decor during your stay.  

Returning from the Back Yard:   Please wipe feet and paws prior to entering the house.  It will keep the floors clean and make the rest of your stay much more comfortable.

Parking Areas for Camellia Farmhouse and The Haven (Guest house)